Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Web Nibble strives to have an all-inclusive product without any hidden fees. But we also know that you're website will grow as your business grows and you become more familiar with what the internet has to offer your business. So there are a number of optional services that may require special fees.

Custom Services

Custom services are special services outside the scope of your standard subscription fees. This includes services such as: MaxiPage website development, building custom templates, developing/designing website content, picture galleries/portfolios, creating graphics and adding shopping cart features to your site.

Custom Services Rate - $65/hour.
Web Nibble Member Discount Rate - $60/hour

Email us at or call (205) 427-0177 to request an estimate for custom services.

Upgrade and get more pages

Web Nibble subscriptions come with a specific number of webpages (see package options for details). If you would like to upgrade to a new package with more available pages:

1:  Cancel your current subscription on the renewals page.
2:  Re-subscribe on the pricing/options page.

We will contact you shortly after to confirm your upgrade request.