Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Website Content & Updates

You'll be reponsible for providing all graphics, pictures, logos and page content. Most of this information can be shared via email. We'll be in constant contact with you while your website is being built to make sure we have all the pieces.

Websites are always "work in progress". All subscriptions include unlimited updates (you supply the information and Web Nibble updates your site). We guarantee 48 hour turn-around on all update requests.

Additional Pages

MultiPage/MaxiPage Website subscribers will also have the opportunity to provide us with additional content (text that you'd like us to use on your extra pages). You may choose to publish things such as Staff bios, service descriptions/pricing, FAQ's (frequently asked questions), calendar of events, company news and anything else you'd like the public to know. This type of information can be submitted to Web Nibble via email (as text or a word processing file).


Web Nibble subscribers can also provide graphics (up to 3 per page) for your website. Graphics consist of pictures, logos, drawings, etc. Electronic files can be submitted via email or printed material can be mailed or faxed. Need additional graphics - see Custom Services.